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CIEG 471 Introduction to Coastal Engineering 3 (UNDERGRADUATE)

Problems of design in the ocean and coastal environment. Mechanics of wave motion, tides and storm surge, littoral processes, wave forces on structures and design of coastal structures. Includes observations of hydraulic model tests in the Ocean Engineering Laboratory.
CIEG 639/MAST691 Hydromechanics 4

Kinematics and dynamics of incompressible fluids with emphasis on engineering problems in the hydraulic and hydrologic environment. Governing equations, solutions for laminar, creeping and porous media flows. Turbulence, boundary layers, potential flows, water waves, and stratified and rotating systems.
CIEG 671 Introduction to Ocean Engineering 3

Acquaints the engineer with the problems of design in the ocean. Water waves and tides, wave forces on structures, corrosion and fouling, coastal structures and littoral processes.
CIEG 672 Water Wave Mechanics 3

Primary emphasis on linear water wave theory and its applications. Shoaling, refraction and diffraction of waves as well as wave forces. Finite amplitude waves. Laboratory experiments to verify the theoretical developments.
CIEG 675 Matlab for Engineering Analysis 3

Description and usage of the commercial Matrix Laboratory (Matlab) software for analyzing multi-dimensional engineering data sets and formulating numerical models of engineering processes.

CIEG 678 Transport and Mixing Processes 3

Application of hydrodynamics to mixing and transport processes in the water environment.
CIEG 679 Sediment Transport Mechanics 3

Mechanics and mathematical modelling of sediment transport in unidirectional and oscillatory flow; sediment properties, initiation of sediment movement, bedload and suspended load transport rates, formation of bed forms and flow resistance, erosion and deposition in the vicinity of structures, and practical applications.
CIEG 680 Coastal Processes 3

Coastal morphology, equilibrium beach profiles, onshore-offshore response, sediment transport relationships, sand budgets around inlets and along open coasts, modeling of shoreline response, analyses of beach problems and recommendations of remedial measures.
CIEG 681 Water Wave Spectra 3

Concepts of amplitude and energy spectra, covariances and cross-spectra; linear response functions; use of the Fast Fourier Transform for ocean engineering applications including analysis of one-dimensional and directional spectra, probability of ocean waves and wave forces.
RESTRICTIONS: Requires permission of instructor.
CIEG 682 Nearshore Hydrodynamics 3

The mechanics of waves and currents in the nearshore zone: wave breaking, surf zone dynamics, cross- and long-shore currents, turbulence and bottom boundary layers, infra-gravity and edge waves and nearshore modeling.
PREREQ: CIEG672 and CIEG639.
CIEG 684 Coastal Modeling Methods 3 PF

Principles of finite difference, finite volume and finite element approaches for basic parabolic, hyperbolic and elliptic partial differential equations. Stability and conservation properties of basic schemes. Coastal engineering applications for surface waves, nearshore circulation, sediment transport and morphology. Introduction to popular models in each area. PREREQ: CIEG672 and CIEG639.
CIEG 693/MAST 693 Waves in the Marine Environment 3

General principles of wave mechanics, kinematics, and dynamics. Applications to surface gravity waves, acoustic waves, electromagnetic waves and large scale geophysical waves. PREREQ: MEEG690
CIEG 869 Master's Thesis 1-6

An independent investigation under supervision of a member of the civil engineering graduate faculty.
CIEG 870 Offshore Design 3

Naval hydrodynamics, behavior of submerged and floating bodies, and ship waves. Tsunamis and harbor response.
PREREQ: CIEG672 and CIEG639.
CIEG 872 Advanced Water Wave Mechanics 3

Development of finite amplitude wave theories such as solitary, conoidal stokes and stream function. Application to coastal and ocean engineering problems.
CIEG 964 Pre-Candidacy Study 3-12 PF

Research and readings in preparation of dissertation topic and/or qualifying examinations for doctoral students before admission to candidacy but after completion of all required course work.
RESTRICTIONS: Not open to students who have been admitted to candidacy.
CIEG 969 Doctoral Dissertation 1-12 PF

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