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Alpha Hydraulics Engineering Company LTD

Fudo Tetra

CTI Engineering Co., Ltd, sponsor since ’94

Korea Ocean Research Development Institute, sponsor since ’93

Nippon Tetrapod, Inc.sponsor since ’91

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Support an undergraduate student as they delve in coastal engineering research. Research opportunities include laboratory, field and numerical modeling efforts under the guidance of CACR faculty.
    • Senior Thesis: $6,500  (Summer and winter term research towards an undergraduate degree with distinction)
    • Summer Scholar: $4,500
    • Fall/Spring Research: $2,000
    • Winter: $2,000
  • Summer or winter internship: Provide an opportunity for a graduate student to work in your office/facility for a short duration (to be determined). These opportunities give graduate students a practical immersive experience and may provide your group with needed expertise. Funding level based on location and duration of internship.
  • Industrial sponsor: Become a named sponsor by providing funds to help CACR grow/improve our world-renowned coastal engineering program. We also seek collaborators to work on coastal engineering problems of joint interest.  Funding level starts at $5,000.
  • Junior Faculty: Help us support hiring a junior faculty member to continue building our program and enhancing diversity: $1 million.